The select_multiple options do not generate a column in excel

Good morning community, my question is the following, previously when I downloaded the data in excel with the values ​​and the xml headers, it happened that the “select_multiple” questions generated a column for each option and that worked correctly for me but now it only generates the column from the question with the values ​​of the options inside, this does not help me much, what I need is that each option of the “select_multiple” generates a column for me. Here’s a picture of what it looks like now

@metodologia, could you download the XLSForm for that project and then keep only the relevant part of the issue and upload and deploy the same XLSForm to see if the issue is seen in that dummy test project too? Kindly please update us on what happens.

Good morning, I have tried exactly what you told me and the result was the same, in fact, I was trying different ways, I even tried to clone the project, in which I sent a test response and the crazy thing is that it works here, Although this would solve my doubt, the main problem is what would happen if when the data is implemented and collected in real work, the same thing happened, I could not clone the form that is being worked on again because I would lose all the data. My other question is, is there a way to pass data between projects?