The select one from file only works on the web forms?

I faced with problem that QA that was working on web forms (correctly) stopped working when I download on Kobocollect. QA type (select_one_from_file)
choice filter
So third list hromada=${hromada} is stoped working correctly in Kobocollect, but at the same time it is working for web version

Welcome to the community, @iomnfi2022! Could you kindly share with the community a screenshot of your issue so that the community could understand your issue pictorially?

This type of code (I have 4 files that conected between each other by skip logic)

@iomnfi2022, please be informed that the select_one_from_file question type should work smoothly for both the webform and the Collect Android App. Maybe the issue is with your CSV file. Could you kindly recheck the CSV file format?

Could this be due to the fact that one of the files is very large, 30,000 lines, and it is it that does not work correctly on mobile devices, while other smaller files work correctly. And it is even more surprising that in the web version these same files (even that big one) work without problems