The select_one_from_file TypeError


I am experimenting with lookup tables to place adm1-adm4 hierarchy of toponyms in them. That is, after choosing a region, the next question contains only districts of this region, etc. But I get the error TypeError: t.getNodeFromItem(…) is null
I’ll attach the form ASAP (as a new user it’s impossible for now)
The survey url: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox

Thanks in advance for your help

Welcome to the community, @AL_meal! Are you using the select_one_from_file type question?

Thank you! Yes, it’s correct:


survey sheet:

type name label required appearance relevant choice_filter
select_one_from_file adm_lookup.csv adm1 Select ADM1 yes
select_one_from_file adm_lookup.csv adm2 Select ADM2 yes adm1=${adm1}

settings sheet:

setting value
form_title ADM Selection
instance_name ${adm1}-${adm2}

choices sheet:

list_name name label
adm1 UA01 Автономна Республіка Крим
adm1 UA71 Черкаська
adm1 UA74 Чернігівська
adm1 UA73 Чернівецька

*Still can not attach files :frowning:

Still waiting for help :cry:

corrected_test_kobo.xlsx (14.9 KB)
adm_lookup.csv (1.8 KB)

Hi, I tried to create a form as similar as i can to give you the general idea how Select_one_from_the_file work. You can check the survey below to test. I am also sharing the form and csv file.

adress.csv (4.0 KB)
aEANmmyFqiZVbXxRxPhkV7.xlsx (11.0 KB)

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@osmanburcu, :bowing_man:

@osmanburcu I don’t understand the logic of the form yet, but I really appreciate your help. It works exactly as expected :heart:
Here these two questions (adm1, adm2) are repeated twice, because they are 2 different solutions?

Hi, Yes, there is two method there one is directly encoded into form it is useful if you have a short list of options. Second is more useful if your list include more than 100-200 options.