The server is crashing

I have a few problems.
This is my user name: xxxxxxx
I use Kobohumanitarian. I have a form with heavy data entry (17,000 for now).
For the last 1 week, my user friends have been saving the data several times while adding and sending it. I think there is a problem with Kobo’s speed here.
We also need to add new records over the saved data. We do this from the pen option in the data section. However, while making these additions for the last week, the server crashes and we cannot save.
In addition, “waiting for data” has been written in a column in the data section for 4 days and we had to re-enter that part manually.
What can we do in this situation?
Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @DFT! It seems like you are having edit issues. Could you also tell us how many edits you made to your survey form?

17288 people have been added.

@DFT, I meant, how many times have you deployed/redeployed your project?

Oh sorry I misunderstood. I have redeployed Kobo many times because I am adding to the needs in the field.