There are more submissions then entered into the system

I have inserted 2152 questionnaires but the system is reading 2642. Why is there an extra 489 submissions?. How do I remove the extra submissions that are not there. As an example I inserted 38 questionnaires but the system is reading that i inserted 71 questionnaires. In total there are 489 extera questionnaires submitted that do not exist. How i distinguish between the correct and incorrect ones?

Hi @gatambwa_mukandala1 and welcome to the community!

Can you explain this part:

  • What is the number of submissions when you click on the DATA page?
  • What is the number of submissions when you download the data?
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  • The data page is reading 2642 but I only have 2152 questionnaires
  • When i download there are 2642 total entires.
    I have been reading and it says that there are no ways to get duplicates.

The 25th August is showing an entry of 500 questionnaires which is impossible. There was around 30-70 per day.

The actual entry that day was 25 questionnaires.

Are they duplicated? Or each of them is unique?

Someone may have cloned submissions (eye view > duplicate) on server level? You might detect this in _submitted_by field (account name).

Did anyone upload submissions manually outside the application/browser?

Yes. They uploaded the submissions manually.

How do I check at the server level?

They look unique to me. How can i check if there are duplicates?

@gatambwa_mukandala1, maybe you could download your data in an XLS format and then check it manually.