There was an error loading Enketo (Error message in data table view)

Buenas tardes, desde la semana pasada estamos presentando la misma situación (Se produjo un error al cargar Enketo). Mucho agradecería su ayuda.

There was an error loading enketo when trying to edit all forms on all forms on Server: eu.kobotoolbox

User Name: xxxxxxx

Project Name: All projects in this organization have the same problem (There was an error loading Enketo). AA6. Served rations and inventory indicators by site


URL of the survey returning the loading error problem: (All projects in this organization have the same problem) Enketo Express for KoboToolbox AA6. Rations served and inventory indicators by center.

I would appreciate your attention.

Hello @Kal_Lam we have the same problem and I would like to be able to send you the data you request privately. We have followed your instructions and I am unable to send you the message. Best regards

Welcome to the community, @Carnesrojas! I did not see any error message when viewing one of your projects. FYR …

Maybe try using modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge updated to the latest version. I tried viewing it through Chrome and had no issue.

Estimado Kal_Lam feliz inicio de semana.

En mi caso continua el error en todos los proyectos mi cuenta

Mucho agradecería tu ayuda!


Estimado Kal_Lam el error ocurre al intentar editar un registro o encuesta en cualquiera de los proyectos asociados a esta cuenta!

Espero que esta nueva referencia sea adecuada para solventar el error!

Saludos y muy agradecido por sus servicios.

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@Carnesrojas, do you have this CSV file stored safely somewhere?


Just wanted to try uploading it back to the server.

Hola Kal disculpa que no haya contestado antes.
Efectivamente ese archivo CSV está a buen respaldo.
Puedes hacer la prueba cuando quieras.


Hello @Kal_Lam is there another way to edit the submissions? We are really stuck on our side with lots of collected data that we cannot modify and accept into our database