This form cannot be processed. If you keep having problem, report it to the person

Hello every one, I try to download a blank form and i have this error message
This form cannot be processed. If you keep havingproblem, repport it to the person who asked tou to collect data
the form can be preview without error in browser,
in my kobo application,
the form cannot be downloade because the error but it cannot open with enketo.

Did you check the form with the Online validator? This is always recommended during development and before deployment.

Maybe the form version has not yet been deployed?

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Hi Wroos,
Yes, no errors during the test on ODK - XLSForm Online. Everything was going very smoothly, even in Kobo’s preview mode, everything is fine.

@t-fan, it could be an installation issue, as it seems you are on a self-hosted KoboToolbox server.