This value is not allowed error in questions with omission logic

Hello everyone! I kindly need your support for the following. I have built a simple form with omission logic, where you can answer to the question do you agree with this indicator with yes, yes, but i would modify it or no. When you answer yes, but i would modify it, it show the question with the omission logic how would you modify it. In each group present in the form, only the first omision logic question referring the first indicator shows the error, as shown in the screenshot.

I have already checked all the settings options of the questions that indeed work and they are the same of the questions where this error appears. Could anyone provide help? Thank you very much.

Welcome @mmaurizi15,
Could you provide an extract or screenshot of the 2 questions, incl. constraint column?

Did you check the form with the online validator - always recommended during form development?

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Thank you for your answer! In the meantime I have tried deleting and recreating the questions that resulted in the error and it worked. Thank you nonetheless!

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