Thousands-sep for calculated field

I copied the following question from another forum as I was looking for the same answer. Can anyone help?

I’m very grateful for the thousand separator. It is a huge help for accuracy in data!

Now, is it possible to display a thousand separator for calculated fields as well?

In my case, we ask questions of consumption in a country where there are lots of zeros in the currency.

The questions are:
“How many kg of rice did you consume the past week?”
“What is the price per kg?”

I then make a calculation and the next screen shows the question:
“So you spent ${calc101} on rice last week?”
In order to have the interviewee confirm that the number sound right. The issue is that the number shown is 100000 instead of 100,000 which defeats the purpose of the question a bit as it is hard for the surveyor to read.

@tba, please be informed that the thousands separator is simply a number widget appearance option thus simply changes the display of the integer and decimal. It however does not change the value.

Hi @Kal_Lam
I do understand that it does not change the value. All I wanted was to display the final value with thousands-sep. But the problem here is that the type of question is note. Is there a workaround for that, or can this feature be added? For the most part, you display your results with a note after you’ve made calculations. HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing.xlsx (22.8 KB)

Check out the attachment.