Thousands-sep issues

I set up thousands-sep in appearance column. It’s a currency variable. The amounts can reach billions of XOF. In enketo, it works welle but in Kobo Collect, we can’t reach billions of XOF. So I need your support

I use Android version 9
The language set in my device settings is french
I am using Kobo Collect v1.27.3

Welcome to the community @kassim.dogawa! Maybe @Xiphware could be in the best position to response to your query regarding the acceptance of a billion figure in Collect android app. However, you could temporarily solve the issue by designing your xlsfrom using the regex code. For details, please feel free to have a look at our support article Restricting Text Responses With Regular Expressions.

Per ODK Forum thread - here - the issue is probably that you are attempting to enter a billions-ballpark integer data type, which is limited to 9 digits. Try using a thousands-sep appearance against a decimal or numbers text question instead.


thank you @Xiphware and thank you every body for relevant support.
I used thousands-sep appearance against a decimal and it works now