Time Constraint

As we use .=today() constraint to restrict the today’s date, do we have any constraint to restrict the current time, if it is 4;41 PM then investigators should not able to change the time.

Another help i need is do we have any constraint or choice filter to show some options based on the choice selection of the previous questions.

You can get the start date and time when the user start doing the survey using start type question and the end date-time using end. There is also today type question.
More info here: hidden questions.

Using this you don’t need to ask the user to enter date and time and then constrain it. But if you realy want to ask for date and time and then constrain it, you will probably need to use some of the date and time functions

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Thank you so much for your valuable insights @nmambre, I’m already using the start and end time, I just want to add the time for each section which can be used as a quality assurance of the data, that’s why I need the current time constraint.

Thank you

So you want at each section for them to add the time?
Do you have a simple sample form that you can share?

Also, maybe you can use audit log to see at what time they take the question?
Audit log Kobo
Audit log ODK
I haven’t used audit yet myself, will have to test it.

Another edit: Maybe use Lightweight timestamping so the user doesn’t have to fill in the time, it will be automatic.

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@Prithvi, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thank you @Kal_Lam for the response, i have already gone through it and in that process it is mentioned a specific time but i want the current time, current time may be entered by the enumerator or automatically calculated in the backend at the start and end of every group.

Thank you

So you mean once the time is entered 4:41 PM, it should not be able to change later on when editing the form. Did I get you correct this time? Feel free to correct me if I still misunderstood you.