Time not shown in edit mode (web)

We are using Kobo on our own server and have recently updated to version 2.23.21.

Now we got complaints from our users that the timestamps are not shown correctly in the edit view. (this is true to all timestamps in the form, I just show it on one example)

Let me explain the issue with some screenshots:

The values show correctly in the table view. (screenshot 1)
If i click on the pen icon to open the edit mode, the timestamp changes to “12:00 AM” (screenshot 2)
Let me go back and do “multi edit” on one single case. (screenshot 3)
This way I get the correct timestamp displayed (and can edit it if needed). (screenshot 4)

Our users where trained to using the normal edit form to do quality controll, it is a lot more clicking for them to do it via “multi edit”.

I would appreciate a fix for this issue (and an explanation why it’s behaving like this).

Welcome @sara_brunner
How is the time set in your form? Can you share a screenshot, please? (A calculate would fire again on modal edit.)
What are your timezones on the local device and on the server?

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Time is set with a “time” variable. Not calculated.


Local device time is UTC+3.
Server time: UTC