Time or Date Time Type not showing in custom report


In my survey sheet in my xlsx file, I have a field which the type is dateTime (before I separate it, one field for date and another for time) but the behavior is the same, it was not save in the data collected.

Here is my xlsx file:

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make an xlsx file to be uploaded as new form.
  2. Make a new project and upload your xlsx file. (Form made via Enketo)

Expected behavior

What you expected to happen

Actual behavior

What actually happened, you can add screenshots if applicable

The field is actually in the form, but the data was not saved.

Please see image below.

Hi @rodentskie,

I have changed your category to New Features request and have also created a GitHub issue. Maybe you would wish to follow the progress by yourself:

Have a great day!


Copy sir. Thank you.