Time question

In a time type question, can the minute tab skip minute by minute instead of every 15 min?

@coral_sanchez, you could also add (type/input) the minute manually to a desired digit as you wish (instead of increasing it by the up arrow key).

Thanks! It was simply that since the time box appears automatically, perhaps the person who is completing the questionnaire is not aware that they can enter the data manually, that is why I was asking if it was possible to adjust the minutes to skip one by one using the arrows. Therefore, to clarify this to the person answering the questionnaire, could I somehow add a clarification stating that they can manually enter their desired digits?

@coral_sanchez, yes, you could use the hint to add the hint for your enumerators. You could refer to this support article Overview of All Formbuilder Functions to use the hint.

@Kal_Lam Thanks a million!

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