Time questions in the same questionnaire pick the same time automatically

I have a questionnaire with two time questions, start and end time, both are set to pick the same time i.e the start time question correctly and automatically pick the phone now time but the end time question automatically picks the time of the start question instead of the phone’s current time.

How do I set the end time to pick the current phone time automatically.

Hello @alexiga,
Could you provide a screenshot or extract of the related part of your form, please?

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You need to set the end question as type time, setting the default property as now()

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Hi @franklwambo21 , the now() property sets the time of the second time question to that of the of the first question the instant you capture the time in first question

Hi @MohammedTaleb , thanks for the suggestion but that kind of time is the kobocollect system generated time, yet I wished to put visible questions which capture time after selecting time

Dear @alexiga
There is more than one solution
you can use now() with trigger

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@MohammedTaleb, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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Hi @MohammedTaleb, thanks for the solution would you please expound on what you mean by now() with trigger?


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