Time Stamp Differences

Hi everyone,

My team is facing some issues with the automatic timestamps that we incorporated into the survey questionnaire. Despite the enumerator taking over 20 minutes to carryout a survey, the automatic time stamp recorded it as 4 minutes, 6 minutes, 7 minutes, etc. in some cases. The manual time stamp entered by the enumerators and the the time confirmed by the supervisors during monitoring visits do not match with the automatic time stamp provided.

Furthermore, in some cases, when we analyze the start time of the survey and the end time difference, the values come out in negative or show extremely long time taken (more than 700 minutes) to carryout a survey.

We are facing this challenge in some cases and not all. We are unsure why this is happening. Could someone please help me understand why this could have happened?

start is the time of the first load of a form.
end is the time of the last save/edit. Both are in timezone of the local device.

Even if a user will only reopen, (re)view and save/finalize a case, end will change again.

End will change also when you edit a submission on server level. End time will then be after submission_time (which is in the timezone of the server).

If you need further support, you may provide a screenshot with the relevant cases, with start, end, submission_time.