Timed Questions

I want to create a question that, passed 60 seconds, close it and markes it as “Incomplete”. The idea is to make a question that only can be answered in those 60 seconds. For example,. it is a single select question with 3 options, but passed the 60 seconds, it passes to the next question and in data appears as “incomplete”,

Thank you!

Hello! @Kal_Lam I saw that you recommended in another post the Literacy Widget Word at Flash, but I tried it, and it doesn’t do what I need. Do you have a recommendation? Thank you in advance!

@jeanpo, we already have a features reuqest for this feature. Maybe VOTE for it or feel free to reach us back if you/your organization would like to sponsor this feature.

But as a workaround, until we have this feature maybe you could use this approach to calculate time per question as outlined in this post discussed previously:

You could then filter all the responses that exceeds the time that was allowed and mark such responses as invalid.

Thank you Kal! I will try it. Also, I would like to vote for the feature! where it is??

@jeanpo, here it is …

Thank you!

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