Timer for questions

Hi. I wanted to know if and how we can set a timer for a particular section/ questions. It is an assessment form that I am creating and need to put a 50-60 second time cap

Welcome to the community, @zenia! Could you also provide more details to your query so that the community should also be able to help you out?

Thank you Kal! very happy to be here.
I am trying to add a 60 second timer for an assessment question which the respondent has to fill within that stipulated time. We are trying to test the reading competency of the respondent using that question and all answers have to be given within a period of 60 seconds, at the end of which the respondent will be directly taken to the next question.
would be great if you could help me figure if and how I can add the timer to the question

Seems like you are trying to use the literacy widget. If yes, this post discussed previously should help you design the same as needed:

Can the literacy widget now work with kobo collect app?

Welcome to the community, @username2020! It only works with Enketo aka web form.