To Record the Point

There is option to record the point (location) in the form but unable to record it. The specification of mobile is attached. For the context It is undertaking in Madagascar. Though I have other mobile in India and here the location is recorded.

of the mobile is as follows.

@rahul_521, are you referring to the geopoint question type that is not working on your device? If yes, could you also let us know the mode of data collection (Collect Android App or Enketo aka Web Forms) you are following? These details should also help us troubleshoot.

yes you got it correct …We were doing it in web form…Let me clarify you that. It is working in most of the mobile but we could not collect it some mobiles. I have attached a reference of such mobile.
I guess its a mobile issue or the issue of a place where the data is being taken. What do you think?
We are able to take the geo point in India and France too but the person was in Zimbabwe/Madagascar and it didn’t work for her.