"Too Many Tokens" error message

Hi everyone!

I recently received this error message on the form I’m building:

FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: /model/instance[1]/aPFbiemyoEpuGfu226vmqP/group_tz3nh31/group_da1fp45/Transfers_all != “, message: Too many tokens.{“stack”:[{“t”:“root”,“tokens”:[{“t”:“arr”,“v”:[{}]},{“t”:“op”,“v”:9}]}],“cur”:{“t”:“str”,“quote”:”"“,“v”:”"}}

I’ve been using the same logic throughout the entire form and it has been working until I added this most recent section. Not totally sure where I went wrong. Any help understanding what this error message means and how it can be corrected would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!!

Welcome to the community, @haleyritsema! Could you kindly validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?