Top 3 Higher Values

I am attaching a sample form where i have an integer field of 6 questions
integer q2_1 Tata Rallis
integer q2_2 Bayer
integer q2_3 Syngenta
integer q2_4 UPL
integer q2_5 Corteva
integer q2_6 BASF
and my next set of question depends on q2,
select_one q3 q3_1 Tata Rallis
select_one q3 q3_2 Bayer
select_one q3 q3_3 Syngenta
select_one q3 q3_4 UPL
select_one q3 q3_5 Corteva
select_one q3 q3_6 BASF

Now i want only 3 brands for q3 to be displayed only those brand will be displayed which will have top 3 higher values in q2 for the same brand. Rest brands will not be shown. Provide the solution considering unique values in q2 there will be no duplicates.
I had shared this query earlier but the solution provided did not work for me.
aNWGu8ym4Sy2aDjyhzuH9g.xls (19 KB)

Was eagerly waiting for the reply

You seem to have created multiple topics on the same issue. It is easier to respond to a similar issue posted on the forum and you would still get more users to chyme in on the same thread.


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Hi @khasaab and @stephanealoo

I know it is so late to reply, but I think it is helpful to share the solution with this great community. I’ve used “if” and “max” functions to solve this issue.
Kindly find attached file Top 3 Higher Values_Solved.xls (58 KB)


Hi @Ysr3322
Great, and thanks for sharing this. I will look for the other topic we have and also align this solution within it.


Hello @Ysr3322,
great. There might be a problem, if more than 3 items have the same (high value): All of them will appear at the end.
But for me this is fine, from an analytical view.

Side-note: I didn’t understand why there is a constraint in your first note (n_sales)? I would just use your relevant and required = yes here.
Kind regards


Hi @Ysr3322,

Thank you for sharing this lovely workaround! It should definitely help the community wishing to design similar designs. Expecting the same in the upcoming days as well!

Have a great day!

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