Trace or record how many form has been submitted through a device?

Hi all, i need help

Is there any way of checking or confirming how many submission/ data that has been submitted trough a web form?

I was missing submissions that my field officer acknowledge has been submitted. It was never reach my form database.

How can I check? Need your help

Thank you!

You can check the gadget.

I have had the same problem, a field officer who has successfully submitted many completed surveys in the past says that she submitted some forms in January, but I have still not received these forms. I have checked her device and there are no forms in the View sent form, Send finalized form, or Edit saved forms. Is there any way that surveys could have been lost in the submission process?

Hi… I have the same problem also… is any body have any explanation on this…?

how… can you explain more?

@riseindonesia Please check the form management in the admin setting. He might ticked the option Delete after send.

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