Tracking changes made on KoboCollect (mysterious Empty submission for a required-all form)

Hi there,

We have one submission that based on the field notes, the participant completed the whole survey (which all fields are required). However, when we checked the data for this participant, most of it was missing (except for the default data on time, ID, etc.). This form took 40 minutes to complete, which confirms that the participant actually completed the survey.

We checked this submission in “View sent form” and realized that instead of “Yes” being selected for the consent question, “No” was selected - hence the form ended immediately and the rest of it was empty when we uploaded to the server. We have a theory that after data collection ended, a team member might have accidentally changed the form while reviewing the submission before uploading to KoboToolBox server from the KoboCollect App.

Is there any way we can “rescue” the data collected before this change? Or is there a possible alternative reason behind this issue?


This consent misuse explains everything, as the data became ir-relevant and were automatically deleted on save/finalisation. This is the normal and expected behaviour.

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