Training on Kobo - exercises to share?

I will run a training session on Kobo with PhD students who have no knowledge whatsoever on how to use an xls form. I would like to make them create a short xls form to upload on Kobo. Is there any interactive exercise you have used in the past which you would suggest? Something of the sort of an exercise in which they need to create a short and simple survey and then upload it?

Welcome to the community @Pierfrancesco_rolla! Maybe this site could be helpful for you.

Thanks! I was actually looking for someone who already did some interactive fun exercise to teach how to create the xls form, rather than a manual :slight_smile:

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Hi @Pierfrancesco_rolla
Could you check the following and see if it helps


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Thanks Stephane. This is already useful. Is there nonetheless something a bit more interactive and fun? This is a bit of a frontal lecture modality, even if still useful.

Scarica Outlook per Android

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Hi @Pierfrancesco_rolla
Unfortunately, it seems you are looking for something very precise in terms of your definition more “interactice and fun”. These are rather relative terms depending on the audience and presenter. My suggestion would be you work out one and share or post on the jobs dashboard to see if there is a user who can customize such a training for your needs.

All the best in your training. If you run through any technical difficulties with the system, we will be here to assist.


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Hi @Pierfrancesco_rolla,
I’m not sure if I can be of any help to you, but I’ll just offer, and you can feel free to get in touch if needed!

I help organisations who are new to data collection get started with KoboToolbox. I try to put out short tutorials on YouTube to help with specific challenges, which you can check out here, and it gives you a sense of who I am.

I would love to help brainstorm with you how to create a “fun and interactive” way to get started on KoboToolbox, if you’re looking for someone to chat with about how to do it, then let me know and we can connect further via email, etc. Because I have the setup for creating online tutorials (and even do live online sessions), hopefully that would give us a good foundation for getting creative with making something more interactive.

Anyway - hope to be of help if you’re still looking!


Actually, just thought I’d pass this along to you as well, @Pierfrancesco_rolla, it’s a super-fast “How to Get Started in KoboToolbox in 7 steps” free e-course I made to help people submit their first form, set up a Kobo account, set up their Android phones, etc.

Check that out - it’s pretty snappy, a few short, fast videos!
Let me know if something like that could be modified for your students :slight_smile:



Hi Janna,
Great to hear from you and thanks a million for your videos. I will certainly share these before the session starts for the students to look at.

If you are happy to brainstorm a way to create an interactive and funny exercise using an xls form, I would be super happy as I am currently lost and not sure on what to do. Please reach me at xxxxxxx
We can then update the Kobo community here if we come up with something cool.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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