Transfer the data to another KoBoToolbox Account

How can I transfer the data to another Kobo Account have some form, The data not the Form

also Is it possible to import data from an Excel file into an existing Kobo form with the same design as an Excel file?

Hi @algbre,

In KoBoToolbox, its possible to share data from one KoBoToolbox user account to another. But this is only possible if both the KoBoToolbox accounts are within OCHA server ( or the HHI server ( i.e. it’s impossible if you have one account in OCHA server and you wish to share data to HHI server or vise-versa .

Please see the support article Managing Permissions for more details on sharing data from one account to another.


Thank you for your reply

I’m not asking about share data,
I ask about transferring data from one account to another

I have an account and I will close it and I want to transfer all the form with data to a new account

Hi @algbre,

Thank you for making your issue more clear. At the moment, KoBoToolbox does not offer features to transfer your data from one account to another.

thank you for your reply

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