Transferring/sharing projects between "organization" and "personal" accounts

I have tried sharing a project from a “personal” account to an “organization” account. The username etc does not show up as an active account although it is, indeed, active.

Any suggestions or insight is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @gabe_feldman_89! Could you kindly explain us a bit more on …

Where would you wish to see the username? Or do you mean that you do not see the username while trying to share your survey project?

Hi Kal-

Well, the main thing i want to be able to do is share a project to an “organization” account from a “personal” account which seems not to be done the same way. The username of the account from the “organization” account doesn’t show up when trying to share the project from the “personal” account.

Does that help at all?


Would you mind ensuring that the KoBoToolbox account is under the same server (i.e. either the OCHA server or the HHI server). FYI, it’s impossible to share projects from user accounts across the server (i.e. your personal account is in the OCHA server and you try to share it with your organization’s account which is in the HHI server or vice-versa).

Ah, I see. Yeah, it’s on the other server.

So there really isn’t any way to migrate between the two? Is there a particular reason it is setup that way?

Gabriel Feldman | Program Coordinator

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HI @gabe_feldman_89
The two servers are two different servers which serve very different purposes and type of users with the same platform. The inability to share projects across the two is due to the mutual exclusivity of the two servers.


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Thanks Stephane-