Transform 'select_one' question type to 'select_multiple'

Bonsoir chers collègues,
J’ai une base de données collectées avec KoboToolbox (OCHA), dedans j’ai des questions à choix multiples que je veux ramener en questions à choix unique. Ya t’il des risques à cette conversion ? Vais-je perdre mes données ?
Merci beaucoup.

@Adnan, you could change back the select_multiple quesiton type to select_one question type through the XLSForm and deploy it to get it live. Changing the question types through the Formbuilder is still not possible.

However, while doing the same i would advise you to make some dummy entries to your dummy project and then change the question type to see how you should see them when they are live. If you feel like you should be able to manage the project data it should not be a problem. If you however feel like the data structure should be a problem then i would advise you to deactivate the existing variable (select_multiple) and include a new variable (select_one) that should capture the same choices from the respondents. This should always keep you at a safe place to manage your projects.

Hello @Adnan,
in addition to @Kal_Lam. The data types are not fully compatible:

  • select_multiple: string with the names of choices (in selected order) separated by blank
  • select_one: single name of choice.

As far as I know changing select_multiple to select_one will only take the first (multiple) choice selected, if you use export with latest form version (select_one).

You may test the export (with latest and all options) and also the table, view and edit mode andreport mode with a simple form example. Would be great if you can share your findings here.

It is a general suggestion to always do such full testing before deploying a new form version with type or structural changes (e.g. repeats) concerning already collected dsta.

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Merci beaucoup @Kal_Lam et @wroos pour vos réponses. Je ferai ce test sur un autre formulaire et partagerai le constat avec vous. Merci beaucoup

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