Translate GPS point coordinate

Hello. How I can translate GPS point coordinate into Russian in kobo collect

Hi @anna_sda
Could you please provide more explanation as to what this really is?


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for example: latitude (x.y °), altitude (m) how can be translated in Russian?

What language is your browser set?

In english

Is it possible to translate GPS point coordinates to the all languages I have in my project in kobocollect: from English to Russian, to Armenian, to Kazakh, to Ukrainian, …?

Hi @anna_sda,

I tried this out on different mediums (with Nepali language) and i see that the translation still seems to be pending.

Collect android app:

Enketo (KoBoToolbox):


Maybe @Xiphware @martijnr would be able to add to this.

Reference xlsform for testing:

GPS Test 2020 11 04.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Missing translations would be very welcome. Please help us complete them!

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Hi @anna_sda,

So maybe you could login to the link provided by @martijnr and then help with the translation you feel seems to be missing.