Translate name of form/project

Is it possible to add translations not just for form questions, but for the name of the form? This would allow users of KoboCollect to see it in their app’s default language (if available).

Hi @raph,

At the moment KoBoToolbox don’t not have an option with adding translations to the name of the project form. However, if you wish to have the name of the project in different language (other then the English version) you could simply follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Click SETTINGS
  • Under the Project Name, type the name of the project you wish to see in a different language. But please ensure you do the same by using UNICODE.
  • Now press SAVE CHANGES (You will now be able to see the project name if your desired language; however if you have already deployed the form earlier you will need to redeploy the form once again)

Thank you @Kal_Lam
Any idea whether adding an option to translate the name of the project form is in the planning for the KoBo team?

Hi @raph,

I have changed your query from KoBo User Post to Suggestion Box (New Features) so that the KoBoToolbox Developer’s team could see your suggestion. Hopefully the developers will pick up the suggestions and make changes in the upcoming days.

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