Troubles exporting data of rating questions

Dear community! I have designed a questionnaire that includes a few rating questions. I can see the responses to the rating questions in the table under the Data tab (although they are appended to the end of the table, rather than where they are located in the questoinnaire), but I am unable to include them in the downloads, nor can I see them in the reports section. Can anyone advise as to what the probem is? Thanks!

this is probably resulting from changes in your form after starting data collection.

Older variable versions may be moved to the end in the tab view. You will not see them in the (recent) report. And you may only see them in the export if you use the include all versions option.

As you can see in many forum postings with problems after form changes during data collection, it is preferable to avoid this by doing systematic testing and a pre-test before starting the real survey field work.