Troubles to view the data form

In first place we have the following trouble:

When we try to view the data of our specific form, it take a long time and show me this message

( 502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway

nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu) )

Lately we are having this problem very often in addition to the fact that the platform is running very slow, which makes our work difficult.

Today we have and additional problem to view the data table:

Internal Server Error:

Server Error (500)

Finding help in the Kobo community forum from the Kobo Core Team they said “Can you try downloading the XLS version of your data and confirm that you can download it without issue.” But at the moment to try the download the XLS version we have another issue: “error finding related” and we cannot see any project or form, literally goes blank. For now we try to create a different new dummy project to see if the issue persist and we have the following message:

Unable to deploy: server error (500)

Could you let us know the server you are using?

We are using the Unlimited server for Humanitarian Organizations

We are looking into the issue and will reach you back when the same is solved.

Thank you so much Kal. Kobo it is so important for running our project

@eacseguimiento, the issue should be solved by now. Could you kindly confirm!

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Solved! thanks!!!