Troubleshooting custom build of Enketo

Hello @jnm I am looking for github repository for kobotoolbox/enketo-express:5.0.0-nested-repeat-count-fix-retry which was used as base image for

kobotoolbox/enketo-express-extra-widgets 5.0.0-nested-repeat-count-fix-retry-with-old-numeric-widgets

As in the second screenshot kobotoolbox/enketo-express was archived in April 2020, however went further and checkout the tags and as from screen there is none with 5.0.0 … tag

Not sure whether image was built locally and never released or its in private repository

Can someone help :sleeping:

Hi @stephenoduor, this was an unusual case where I was trying to add a hotfix for a problem as quickly as possible. You can reproduce what I did to build that image by following what I wrote at Hotfix for nested `repeat_count` issue · Issue #4 · kobotoolbox/enketo-express-extra-widgets · GitHub. However, I’d recommend that you instead use a newer Enketo base image. Enketo Express 5.0.1 and above should fix these problems: enketo-express/ at master · enketo/enketo-express · GitHub.

We’ll shortly be releasing a new version of Enketo Express for use with Kobo and asking for the community’s help to test it.


Thank you for the reply, when I use Enketo Express 5.0.1 and Enketo Express 5.0.1 as the base image while building
kobotoolbox/enketo-express-extra-widgets 5.0.0-nested-repeat-count-fix-retry-with-old-numeric-widgets It builds successfully but get an erorr on line

RUN npm install &&
npm install GitHub - kobotoolbox/enketo-image-customization-widget: Enketo Widget to customize SVG images &&
npm install GitHub - kobotoolbox/enketo-literacy-test-widget &&
npx grunt &&
npm prune --production &&
rm config/config.json

wondering what might be the issue

Do you actually need the extra widgets? They are:

If not, then just use the upstream Enketo image and do not do anything with enketo-express-extra-widgets.

If you need those widgets, please post the error. Also, use three backticks to prevent the forum from mangling your content (e.g. it is converting things to links in your post above). Example:

put your code here


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Thanks @jnm I managed to sort out the issue with the Dockerfile and now builds successfully
I am greaful for your help