Troubleshooting Data Integration: R, Kobo, and Form Updates

Recently, I updated a form in Kobo after approximately 10,000 submissions. As part of the update, I added a new column titled “Type of Visit.” However, upon attempting to pull the data using R via the Kobo API, and even after downloading the data in Excel format and importing it into R, I observed that the entire column for “Type of Visit” was blank.

Upon further investigation, I found that sorting the data by date, from the latest to the oldest submissions, allowed the data to be imported correctly into R. This suggests that there might be an issue with how the data is organized or exported, particularly when “Apply saved export settings” is enabled, causing the new data to be placed at the end of the file rather than the beginning.
When we export in excel, data for the new column after the updated version is available and blank is for the previous form and this is right. But when I pull this excel file or if I pull the data using API from KOBO to R, the whole column is blank even if there is data available in excel.

I am reaching out to inquire if there is a possible solution to this issue. It would be greatly appreciated if you could investigate and provide guidance on how to ensure that new data is properly included and accessible through the API and Excel exports, regardless of the sorting order.

Welcome to the community, @prakruthi_survey! Are you able to see the data for your variable Type of Visit under the DATA>Table View or is it also missing there?

Hi kal,

Would it be possible for us to take a call?

Hi Kal,

It is not missing in the table view, not even missing when I downloaded it in excel format.

But when I pull in R using API or excel file then only, it gives that complete column blank.

But If I sort the data newest to oldest in excel and then pull in R it comes in the right way.

@prakruthi_survey, let me ping @dickoa here, who should be able to help you with the same!

Is there any update on this?

@dickoa … if you have missed it previously!

Sorry for the delay @prakruthi_survey. I’ll need to reproduce the issue to fix it.
Is it possible to contact me bilaterally to discuss details for this survey and work on a fix.


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Yes, We can connect directly. It helps to resolve the issue quickly.

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