Two choice filters in SurveyCTO

Hi everyone!

I’m working with SurveyCTO, and I need to filter choices with two conditions. I have a filter on the variable ${presents}, where the possible choices displayed depend on the answer of the variable ${division} with the expression filter=${division} or filter=0. In addition, I want the possible answers displayed to be the ones not selected in the previous question ${disc}. Normally, this is done with (not(selected(${disc}, filter))), but if I add it to the first filter I made from the ${division} with an “and”, the not-selected filter doesn’t work.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance for your help and time!

Welcome @ara.ramirezg,
Can you try if/how your 2nd condtion works if you use it alone?
You may also try it with ${filter}.
I trust you have put the 1st condtion in brackets (…) before the following “and ,…”.

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