Two levels validation of a record

We have a requirement where validation has to be done in two levels : by team leader first and than by the supervisor.
Does KoboToolbox allow project manager to assign validation permission to two users ?

@datarange, as an admin you could assign your team supervisor with the validation access as outlined in the support article Row-Level Permission:

But please note that the system does not offer a user to make multiple validations. Once the supervisor or the admin validates the record the record is marked as validation and does not offer multiple validation options.

You could maybe add a variable that could mark validations from the supervisor or the admin of the project.

Thanks @Kal_Lam for your prompt answer.

Would you like to point me out where can I have more details ?

@datarange, this is something like adding a normal variable which the supervisor or the admin should fill up and not the enumerators.