Two parts of one survey that require different layout

Dear KoBoToolbox community,
I am working on a survey that consists of different sub-surveys, i.e. different questionnaires. One of them requires a specific design - where each question should be displayed on different page. But if I applied this design for the whole survey it will be way too long. Hence, my question: can I apply different design for a specific part of the survey i.e. first 20 question on one page, then the unique sub-survey with one question per page and another 20 questions again on the same page?

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@jmodrzynska, could you share with the community a sample of your design so that the community should be able to help you if it’s possible through KoBoToolbox?

Dear KaI_Lam, dear KoboToolbox community,
one of my sub-surveys is EQ5D that consists of 6 questions. The official requirement for this survey is to display each of the 6 questions on a separate page, since scrolling is NOT permitted. But in addition to EQ5D form, I have 8 other questionnaires to include in the survey. Because the survey is quite long, I would like to reduce the amount of clicking by displaying all questions from a single questionnaire on one page, so in the end have 9 pages in total (EQ5D and 8 other forms).

My problem is to combine the requirements for EQ5D (single question per page) with other questionnaires (multiple questions per page). Can you think of any solution for that?

Unfortunately I cannot disclose any sample of the design as each questionnaire was bought from the vendor.

Alternatively, I was thinking to use a hyperlink in the main survey that will lead respondent to the EQ5D survey, but then I am wondering how we can get back to the main survey???

@jmodrzynska, this should be solved if you define Form style as pages as outlined in the support article Using Alternative Enketo Web Form Styles.

No, not really, if I do so then the design is the same for the whole survey whereas I would like to have part of the survey with multiple questions on the same page, and the other part with single question per page.

@jmodrzynska, you will also need to use the group for this as outlined in the support article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups. i.e. if you only wish to have one question on a page, add a group to that question. Similarly, if you wish to have many questions on that page add a group to those many questions.

@Kal_Lam thank you so much! it works now and looks exactly the way I wanted :slight_smile:

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