U can not download the blank form on the mobile app

I can not download the blank form on the mobile app.
kobotoolbox.org HHI server

@Nosi, it seems like you are using the SC KoboToolbox server. Could you kindly confirm the server you are using so that it would be easy for the team to troubleshoot your issue?

I deleted the pervious screenshot, since the issue i have with the kobo from HHI server

@Nosi, please check out your server connection. Maybe you are configuring your server incorrectly which is leading to this error message.

I am positive it is correct, this problem occurred after i changed my server from HHI to StC and needed to return

back to the HHI

@Nosi, OK, I now get your point. So this is what you did:

  • Configured your server setting to the SC server.
  • Got blank form to the app.
  • Collected data.
  • Now, you wish to submit the data to the server. But this time, not to the SC server but the Global server.
  • You changed the server setting back to the Global server.
  • Submission failed error message.

Did I get you correct?

yes precisely

@Nosi, please note that you can submit the submission to only that project (server) from where you have downloaded your blank forms. In the case outlined above, as you have got the blank form from the SC server, you will not have any issues submitting the submission to the SC server, but you will not be able to submit the same submission to the Global server. You will need to get the blank form from the Global server to submit the data to the Global server.

But i did not, i first added my account in the global server and then went to download the blank from?

Fine, you added the server setting for the Global server. If so, could you check if your project is on the server? Did you collect the data from which you downloaded the blank form and then try to submit the data to the same server? As a quick test, you could try this in a new dummy project to see how it behaves.

I will check it out. thank you for you support

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