Unable to access my forms from KOBO collect

Hi, am new to KOBO am trying to work out how we can use KOBO. I deployed forms from KOBO toolbox and cant get them at kobo collect. I have read the previous trouble shooting suggestions but still cant seem to get the problem. I also notice there is a new version v2024.1.3 that looks different from what am seeing here. Could you kindly help?

Welcome to the community, @dorcasr! This support article shared previously should help you configure your Collect Android App to get the desired blank forms as needed.

I had seen the updated support article but still have issues. I have attached two pictures(hope you can see them) for you. kindly confirm if the URL is correct. My KOBO toolbox is also on. Thanks for the help.

@dorcasr, I see a typo in the URL you used.

Your URL:


Correct URL:


So you missed s for https and you also used KC which should be kc.

These changes in your URL should fix the issue,

Thank you. I did correct what you highlighted and was able to download the form.

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@dorcasr, :bowing_man: