Unable to add new team members to a project

I have a revised survey that I’m trying to deploy and add 10 team members to as contributors. We can’t open this survey to any submitter and need to manage the team members.

I can’t add a team member - there’s an error dialog that says “User not found:” followed by the user name.

As a test I added users from a previous survey - and since they exist there was no error. I’d prefer to assign a new name space to the new survey for the team members: ncdc_survey_one, ncdc_survey_two etc. and not recycle the team members I had for my MA research.

How do I add new team members as per above to the new survey?

I’ve read the article: Sharing Your Project and Managing Permissions — KoboToolbox documentation this didn’t answer my question or solve my problem since, according to the content of this article it should be easy to add a new team member.

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Hi @Byron and welcome to the community!

There are 2 public servers for KoboToolbox, can you check if your team members are in the same server?

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@Byron, this post discussed previously is what @hakan_cetinkaya is trying to outline, which should help you identify your issue:

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Solved by creating an account for each of the domain accounts & email addresses for the 10 team members on the global server the adding them to the project.

It would be handy of there were a way to manage team accounts in the toolbox but this worked.


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