Unable to change layout & settings

There is a form which is being used. Now, I need the metadata username, phone number & device id.

So, when I tried to edit the form for updating the layout & settings, I am facing the following errors.
(The form is mostly created directly in xls format.)

But the form is almost full with 30+ questions.

The save button is not getting enabled to save the changes.

Any idea how to get those changes saved? please help.

You can simply add these metadata in the XLSForm, at the beginning. See documentation in Help Center for metadata, please.

Hint: Better keep doing changes in XLSForm, instead of mixing-up with Formbuklder. And check your form with the Online validator during development, please.


@meerakhanna, kindly please be informed that the error is not in your layout and settings. It seems to be with the select_one_from_file question type as that question is still not supported int he form builder.

We have a release coming soon that will support this question type in the form builder. Will let you know when the feature is live.

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sure @Kal_Lam, will wait to hear. Thank you for that info!

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Thank you @wroos!! got it from here.