Unable to create user accounts and preview forms on own linux based server deployment

Hi Kobo community,

We have installed a kobo server on our own linux based server via virtual machine which is accessed via a proxy server.

After an update of the Kobo server to Version: 34a7d2b, we are now experiencing the following issues:

  1. Not being able to preview forms
  2. email configuration does not work. Therefore we are not able to reset passwords or create new accounts

Has anyone else experienced this? Grateful for any insights into how to fix this.

Appreciate any support on this. Thanks!

@barcar, maybe this post discussed previously should also be helpful:

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Thanks @Kal_Lam! Unfortunately after following the steps described we are receiving a 502 Bad Gateway error when we try to reset a password, it takes a while to process and the email does not go through. Any further thoughts?