Unable to delete associated data (photos) collected along with the forms


I am currently using Non- Humanitarian Server. To free up/reduce the data storage, took the backup of forms along with associated data (photos) and then deleted all forms along with data. Even after deleting all forms along with associated data (photos) data storage is not reduced. The forms are deleted, but photos are available on the server and can be seen in the gallery.

Any guidance or suggestion to resolve this issue will be highly appreciated.

Ghulam Dastgeer

Welcome to the community, @dastgeerr! Could you kindly provide me the following through a private message so that I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Tried to send you a private message but it is showing that you cannot send a private message to that user.

@dastgeerr, you should now be able to send us a private message. If you still have issues, please refresh your page.

@dastgeerr, as of now I can still see the data in your project (a total of 2910 submissions):

Shall I delete them all? Please confirm.

Please refer to the picture attached. Total submissions are 2846 but in actual, there are 138 forms in the table. Further please delete all forms if it is necessary for rectification. Thanks

@dastgeerr, so you wish to delete all the records and keep the empty project there as it is? Did I read you correctly?

Yes Sure. The data collection is ongoing and I have taken the backup of the available forms on server.

@dastgeerr, could you request your team not to submit the data to the server until i let you know next so that the recent submissions do not get deleted accidentally. Will start deleting your records only after I receive your confirmation.

Sure, please go ahead. Please also delete all associated data (pictures) along with forms to free up space on the server.

@dastgeerr, your data has been deleted. You should now be able to submit your submissions normally.

This is to confirm that issue has been successfully resolved. Thank you so much for your support.