Unable to deploy: duplicate key value violates unique constraint

After trying to deploy and delete and redeploy this message keeps displaying

Do you know what kind of errors happened ?

I have successfully deployed other 2 forms with the same type of questions, only change choices option.
Thanks in advacne!

Hi @Jummy and welcome back!

Can you validate your form in here and share the screenshot with us? So we can get a better understanding of the issue you are having? ODK - XLSForm Online

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@Jummy, kindly please also let the community know the server you are using. That should help the community troubleshoot your issue.

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya @Kal_Lam

Glad to be back : )
Here is screenshot from validation:

It mentioned about ‘subproject_id’ variable. I wonder becasue there are 2 forms previously with the same structure template but can be deployed successfully with this variable, ‘subproject_id’. Or server only detect with some forms?

I use KoboToolbox server, or which specific info should I give?


Hi all,

I have deleted the ‘subproject_id’ variable and deployed as new form again. This error show up again. We can noticed that

Do you know which part of form that ‘955413’ referes to ?