Unable to deploy error message - ODK Validate Errors

Perhaps someone can assist? I’m getting an error message when i try and deploy my form. i built it with formbuilder, and there’s no complex logic in there, because i’m a dummy with this technology.

Hopefully someone can assist.


Hi @parcus,

Would you mind sharing your xlsform with us so that we would be able to have a look at the issue you are facing!

hi @Kal_Lam i don’t have an XLS form. I started from scratch using the formbuilder.
thanks for replying.

Hi @parcus,

Kindly please have a look at the instructions as shown in the post discussed earlier to download the xlsform:

hi @Kal-Lam we’ve changed some of the questions and it appears to be working now. I’ll test it and see how it runs.