Unable to deploy form: No JSON object could be decoded

Hi all,

Similarly to the issues described here, I am able to upload a .xls form to KoBo Toolbox but when I try to deploy it, I receive an error message: No JSON object could be decoded.

Yesterday I was able to upload and deploy a similar form with no issues at all, so I don’t understand why this particular form is not working. I tried to use the tool recommended in the other thread but the form that doesn’t work seems to have the same issues on that tool as the form that does work.

Any advice at all would be very much appreciated!

Hello everyone,
I have issues redeploying a form I have edited after I earlier deployed it.
I encounter this message: your form cannot be deployed because it contains errors:

No JSON object could be decoded
I will appreciate help as soon as possible

Hi @xianwarner @christamal

Could you share your xlsforms so that we could have a look at your form and flag you why you saw the error message.

Thanks for the effort. I noticed that a validation criteria was not supported and hence was the cause of the error. I removed the validation criteria and successfully deployed the form.


How did you remove the validation criteria?

Hi @eaglesbt,

Welcome to the community! Generally the error message “No JSON object could be decoded” is seen if you have a syntax error within your xlsform. Try finding it out and fixing them and you should not see the same when deploying it again (after being fixed).