Unable to deploy no6xr06

I’m getting the following error:

Unable to deploy because it contains the following errors:

row 117 list name not in choices sheet no6xr06

When going to the question in row 17 and correcting the choice options, this correction doesn’t save.

What can I do?

Welcome back to the community, @co2balancemaria! Your survey project should have a question (either a select_one no6xr06 or select_multiple no6xr06) in your survey sheet, but at the same time, no6xr06 is missing under the choices sheet. You could check this out by downloading your survey form as an xlsform and then doing a search by pressing CTRL+F under the survey tab as well as the choices tab. As a backup, you could also check your xlsform here. It should be able to help you point out syntax errors, if there are any.