Unable to deploy, Server Error (500), translation for media image problem?

Hello, I am running into an error in deploying my survey. I get an error that says “unable to deploy Server Error (500).” I am also now unable to view a preview of the form, it says (‘Incorrect translation count: “media::image”’, {‘name’: ‘1’, ‘list_name’: ‘em0uy87’, ‘media::image’: [‘ics1.png’]}), however, I also get a Server Error (500) when I try to download the XLS file, so I can’t actually figure out the problem or how to fit it. I had a colleague go in and do a translation, so I think the error may have occurred from there. Please let me know if you have any ideas how to fix this!

In case anyone else runs into a similar problem: I updated the response labels and that fixed the issue. I was then able to deploy the survey and download the XLS form to make the remaining changes

@barbaraT, I, too, assume that the issue is from the translation. Maybe you will need to go to the translation page and check it out to see if there are any untranslated issues. If required, you may also need to go to the form builder and edit the forms to see if there are any other issues.