Unable to deploy: server error (500)

Yesterday my form was working perfectly. Today I tried to deploy it, and it said “unable to deploy. if this problem persists, contact help@kobotoolbox.org. Server Error (500)”

I cant share the form or download it in any other format. I cant preview: “Unknown Enketo preview error”

At some point it said " There is an unnamed translation in your form definition. Please give a name to all translations in your form. Use “Manage Translations” option from form landing page.". This random unnamed translation kept coming back and i had to delete it.

It also said something about there not being a hint or a label somewhere but that message never came back.

What can i do :frowning:


Hi @pauline.lietar,

Welcome to the community! I see that you have a matrix question in your survey form that is blank which is causing you the issue with the server error (500).

Try the following to solve your issue:

  • Delete the matrix question
  • Add another matrix question
  • Save your survey project
  • Deploy

You should not see the error message again!

Have a great day!

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Brilliant, it worked! thanks!