Unable to Deploy XLS Form

I am trying to deploy the xls form but unable to do. I have check the xls form it contains no error, but still it is not getting deployed. Is there a length issue or what?
Kindly revert its urgent.
Attaching the file for reference.
Car_L_Clinic.xlsx (207.8 KB)

Try to validate your form by compiling it using PyXForm or online converter here- ODK - XLSForm Online

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Have checked the form in ODK - XLSForm Online. It has no errors. But still unable to deploy in Kobotoolbox

@khasaab, kindly please be informed that your form seems to be too large. I can see that it has almost 4k rows meaning a lot of questions:


When your form is that large with a lot of complicated expressions, the system time-outs (to save it’s resource).

The best solution for this error is that you will need to break up your survey form into smaller chunks (or you use a private server).