Unable to download media (file,image) How to bulk download media

HI Kobo People,
I am very new to Kobo, got to know this tool from UNHCR.

I have created a form which contains a field type i.e: file upload.
I try to download the media but the screen shown not shared.
What does it mean by Not Shared?

Can anyone assist me?
Thank You

Welcome @acetester777,
Probably you don’t have sufficient rights for this project/form.

Hint: You may also give a chance to the search function of this forum and the Help Center articles, please,

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@acetester777, could you let the community know if you are the admin owner of the project or if it’s a project shared with you by someone?

hi, i am the admin the project. and this project was not shared by any user. I own the project. Thank You.

@Kal_Lam , anyways, did you able to bulk download any media from Kobo? I have seen some solution where it required some downloader tool…

Can Kobo itself able to bulk download all the media without relying on the third parties tool?

Thank You

@acetester777, you should be able to download your media files without any issues. Let us know if you still have issues downloading it.